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Emina's Hand

Logo Design

black and white image of a poor child gazing afar and the Eminas Logo on front

Discover how our Design Studio crafted a powerful logo for Emina's Hand, CAPTURING THE essence of their hands-on approach and unwavering commitment to transforming lives and communities, one family at a time.

THE Design Challenge

The challenge of this project was to create a logo that conveyed the spirit of Emina's Hand while steering clear of the overused line art logos commonly found in the cosmetic industry. We needed a design that communicated the organization's dedication to the community and personal connection while setting them apart from the competition.

Crafting the Perfect Solution

Our solution was a distinctive, visually appealing logo encapsulating Emina's Hand's core values and mission. We crafted a design that resonated with the organization's target audience by incorporating elements that symbolized community, togetherness, and a hands-on approach. The result is a logo that captures the essence of Emina's Hand and sets it apart from the crowd, ensuring a lasting and memorable impression.

Embracing Emina's Hand's Values

In our discovery meeting with Emina's Hand, we uncovered their commitment to fostering community, demonstrating Compassion, and maintaining unwavering Dedication. These fundamental values drive the organization's hands-on approach, Empathetic support, and tireless efforts to positively impact families in need worldwide, ultimately shaping a brighter future through personal connections.

Captivating Brand Colors

Emina's Red:

Symbolizes passion, love, and warmth. Red's bold and vibrant character reflects the compassion and empathy at the heart of Emina's Hand.

Emina's Lime:

Lime green, associated with growth, renewal, and positivity, conveys a sense of hope and optimism that aligns with the organization's uplifting mission.

Emina's Green:

Forest green, evoking growth, stability, and dedication, represents Emina's Hand's commitment to making a lasting impact in the world.


This deep off-black grounds the palette, conveying a sense of strength and solidity that mirrors the organization's unwavering focus on its mission.


A subtle off-white adds a touch of freshness and purity, creating a serene backdrop that complements the brand's vibrant colors.

Emina's Red
hex: c100116
RGB: 193 022
CMYK: 16 100 100 7
Emina's Lime
hex: c100116
RGB: 193 022
CMYK: 16 100 100 7
Emina's green
hex: c100116
RGB: 193 022
CMYK: 16 100 100 7
hex: c100116
RGB: 193 022
CMYK: 16 100 100 7
hex: c100116
RGB: 193 022
CMYK: 16 100 100 7

Mastering The Wordmark

We began by selecting the Eternal Spring typeface for its elegant and timeless appeal. However, we identified spacing issues between characters that required attention. We meticulously corrected and established proper spacing using the letter "i" thickness as the unit base to achieve a more balanced look.

With the foundation set, we enhanced the typography by adding embellishments for a more cohesive and visually appealing design. This refinement process resulted in a harmonious and well-balanced typography that perfectly complements Emina's Hand's brand identity.

image of eminas logo typography in its initial state with no modifications
showcase of Eminas logo wordmark spacing, and how we used the letter N as thickness for in between the words
image of the final result for the Eminas Hand Wordmark
image of a hand drawing on a sketchbook possible logos for Eminas Hand

Crafting a Unique
Hand-Inspired Icon

Our client was passionate about integrating hands into the logo's iconography to represent connection, support, and compassion. However, since hands are a prevalent symbol in the cosmetic industry, we needed to design a distinctive and memorable brand identity that would distinguish Emina's Hand from its competitors while staying true to its core values.

Negative Space

After iterating through several revisions, we presented the client with three distinct logo styles that encapsulated the brand's essence. However, the client felt the need to refine the design further, emphasizing hand line art and hand shapes—crucial elements in her original vision. Taking this feedback in stride, we revisited our concepts and honed in on these key components, determined to deliver a logo that surpassed the client's needs and expectations.

Perfecting the Logo Design

As we experimented with various shapes and finger positions to incorporate line art and distinct hand shapes, we faced challenges in achieving a cohesive design. The weight of the icon and typography needed fine-tuning to strike the perfect balance. Through continuous refinement, we experienced a breakthrough by filling the design and harmonizing the icon and typography for a visually captivating result. The client's satisfaction with the final design affirmed our success in meeting their vision.

refining the Lineart

Once we identified a line art and hand pose that resonated with our vision, we began iterating and refining the design. By meticulously adjusting the lines and curves, we aimed to achieve a polished and harmonious logo that truly represented the essence of Emina's Hand.

Step 1—rough lineart
Step 2—perfecting the shape
Step 3—cleaning the rough edges
Step 4—filling
Step 5—colorized

Unveiling the Versatile Logo Components

The Emina's Hand logo features a compelling combination of a wordmark and icon, fostering a highly recognizable brand identity. With the flexibility to use these elements together or separately, the logo adapts seamlessly to various applications. The clean, straightforward design ensures the logo remains versatile and timeless, enhancing its appeal to a broad audience.

vector image of Eminas Hand final logo in its horizontal lockup
Horizontal Lockup
vector image of Eminas Hand Logo in  its vertical lockup
Vertical Lockup

Presenting a series of mockups, we demonstrate how the Emina's Hand logo seamlessly adapts to various real-world applications, highlighting its versatility and ability to make a lasting impact.

Scope of Work


Competitor Analysis
Brand Questionnaire
Opportunity Analysis
Client Workshopping
Brand Positioning


Art Direction
Brand Voice
Brand Identity
Print Collateral
Social Media Collateral